Don Verdean Movie Review

1445 - don verdean

Overall Rating:

4/5 Stars

What’s It About:

A self-professed biblical archaeologist who has fallen on hard times starts to bend the truth in order to continue inspiring the faithful.


Quasi Mockumentary


Sam Rockwell
Amy Ryan
Sam Forte
Danny McBride
Jemaine Clement
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My Thoughts:

I watched this because I recognized the actors and it’s a spoof focus of people being self-proclaimed experts on the “holy land” but being from USA and getting large crowds to listen to them after they discovered things no one had before.  This semi-sad, but humorous story takes us on the downward spiral of a good-hearted man who wants to lead people to God, but compromises a little here and there until those little twists and turns become avenues and realms he never wanted to go down or visit. It also explores what he ultimately does when he finds himself in those hard situations.

The film does a painfully excellent job of poking fun at backwards fundamental christians who feel like the culture is winning over christianity and the lengths they will go to to fight this movement towards God apathy.

There’s a bit of violence, but overall it’s a pretty family-friendly film.